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T-Rex Dinosaur Dark version (or dinosaur T-rex running) is a browser game developed by Google and built into the Google Chrome web browser.. Press the "space bar" key to start. Make the dinosaur jump by using the "space bar" key or the "up arrow" key, and make it duck by using the "down arrow" key.

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Embark on a peculiar prehistoric journey with a dark and delightful twist in "T-Rex Dinosaur runner: Wednesday Addams Edition." Join the iconic Wednesday Addams as she takes control of the mighty T-Rex for a unique and mischievous adventure. Explore the eerie landscape, navigate through spooky obstacles, and experience the quirky charm of Wednesday's world. Can you survive the peculiar challenges and become the reigning queen of darkness in this T-Rex escapade?


The gameplay remains faithful to the classic T-Rex game, but with a touch of Wednesday's peculiar preferences. Guide the T-Rex as it runs endlessly through a haunting landscape, avoiding creepy obstacles and collecting peculiar power-ups. Control the jumps to navigate through the eerie surroundings and embrace the Wednesday Addams spirit.

Spooky Obstacles:

Encounter a variety of Wednesday-themed obstacles throughout the game. Dodge sinister trees with gnarled branches, jump over eerie gravestones, and watch out for creepy creatures that lurk in the shadows. Embrace the eerie ambiance as you progress through the T-Rex Adventures: Wednesday Addams Edition.

Gothic Power-Ups:

Collect peculiar power-ups that align with Wednesday's unique style. Unleash the power of a mysterious black cat that grants you extra lives. Find a shadowy umbrella to shield yourself from falling debris. Embrace the darkness with a bat-winged power-up that allows your T-Rex to glide gracefully over obstacles.

Device Support

You can play Wednesday online on your PC as well as on your Android phone, iOS, or tablet. You do not need to download the game, just go to the website and start playing online. The top right corner shows the distance you ran in your last attempt, and to the left of it the total distance you managed to overcome. Codes for the game, valid in the standard game Dino Chrome, in the current version does not work in order to rank the best players as honestly as possible.