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Dino runner Squid Game version, a game based on the films Squid Game and Dinosaur Game. Press the "space bar" key to start. Make the dinosaur jump by using the "space bar" key or the "up arrow" key, and make it duck by using the "down arrow" key.

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Play Squid Game Runner now and prove your skills in the race against time and fate. Can you outsmart your opponents and become the last survivor or will you become just another victim.

The game was developed based on the eponymous TV series "Squid Game". At the center of the game is Song Ki Hoon, who runs away from those who owe a very large amount of money. His problem can be solved only by participating in a survival tournament, in which the prize is 45.6 billion won. This money would be enough for the main character to treat his mother and ensure a good future for his daughter.


In a dystopian world burdened by economic inequality and societal despair, a mysterious organization known only as "The Frontman" orchestrates a malevolent competition called the "Squid Game." Set in an undisclosed location, this deadly contest promises enormous wealth to the desperate participants who dare to compete. Unbeknownst to them, the true cost of this gamble is their very lives.

Main characters

Ji-hoon (Player 456): A struggling, debt-ridden man who becomes the reluctant protagonist of the Squid Game. Ji-hoon enters the deadly competition in hopes of financial redemption and to secure a better life for his family.

Seong Gi-hun (Player 199):d: A former successful stockbroker who falls from grace due to financial misfortune and gambling. Gi-hun joins the Squid Game to escape his dire circumstances and regain his social standing.

Kang Sae-byeok (Player 067): An assertive North Korean defector determined to create a better life for herself and her younger brother. Sae-byeok's participation in the Squid Game is fueled by a fierce desire for survival and a longing for freedom.

Hwang Jun-ho (Player 218): A police officer struggling with the ethical challenges of his job. Jun-ho infiltrates the Squid Game to expose the illegal activities and rescue his missing brother.

Cho Sang-woo (Player 218): A highly intelligent and ambitious individual who once thrived in the corporate world. Sang-woo's financial downfall leads him to participate in the Squid Game, driven by a desire to reclaim his former success.

Player 001 (The Frontman): The enigmatic figure orchestrating the Squid Game. The Frontman is a mysterious and authoritative presence who oversees the games from the shadows.