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T-Rex Dino runner: Batman Edition (or dinosaur T-rex running) - The game is based on the comics about Batman.. Press the "space bar" key to start. Make the dinosaur jump by using the "space bar" key or the "up arrow" key, and make it duck by using the "down arrow" key.

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Step into the shadows of Gotham City with a prehistoric twist in "T-Rex Batscape: Gotham's Prehistoric Guardian." In this unique crossover, the mighty T-Rex dons the mantle of the Dark Knight as it navigates through the iconic cityscape. Embrace the night, overcome Gotham-inspired challenges, and channel the spirit of Batman in this thrilling T-Rex adventure. Can you rise to the occasion and become Gotham's prehistoric protector?


The gameplay combines the classic T-Rex runner concept with the dark and mysterious atmosphere of Gotham City. Guide the T-Rex through the urban landscape, avoiding obstacles, and using its powerful jumps to navigate the city's rooftops. Embrace the role of Gotham's guardian as you traverse the T-Rex Batscape.

Gotham City Obstacles:

Encounter Gotham-inspired obstacles as you run through the city. Dodge towering skyscrapers, leap across rooftop gaps, and avoid menacing obstacles such as the Riddler's puzzles and Penguin's explosive surprises. Use the T-Rex's agility to navigate the urban jungle and ensure Gotham's safety.

Bat Power-Ups:

Collect special bat-themed power-ups to enhance the T-Rex's abilities. Unleash the power of the Bat Signal to illuminate the city and reveal hidden paths. Find the Batmobile power-up to temporarily increase speed and plow through obstacles. Embrace the bat wings to glide gracefully over challenges, giving Gotham's prehistoric guardian an edge.

Gotham's Dark Aesthetic:

Immerse yourself in the dark and moody aesthetic of Gotham City. Experience dynamic lighting as the city transitions from night to day, revealing the stunning skyline. Enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack that captures the essence of Batman's world, creating an immersive experience for players.

Batsuit Customization:

Personalize your T-Rex with an array of Batsuit customizations. Equip the T-Rex with a cowl, cape, and bat-themed accessories, embracing the iconic look of the Dark Knight. Customize your T-Rex's appearance and stand out as Gotham's unique prehistoric protector.

Rogues' Gallery Challenges:

Face challenges inspired by Gotham's notorious rogues' gallery. Navigate through the Joker's chaotic carnival, avoid Two-Face's coin toss obstacles, and outsmart the tricky Riddler enigmas. Conquer the unique challenges presented by Gotham's most infamous villains and prove that even a T-Rex can stand against the dark forces.

Leaderboards and Bat Achievements:

Compete for the top spot on the Gotham leaderboards. Earn bat-themed achievements for overcoming challenges and showcasing your skills as Gotham's prehistoric guardian. Share your achievements with friends and fellow players, cementing your place as the ultimate T-Rex Batman.


T-Rex Batscape offers a captivating crossover experience, blending the excitement of a T-Rex runner game with the iconic world of Batman. Navigate Gotham City, overcome rogue challenges, and become the prehistoric guardian that Gotham deserves. Embrace the night, channel your inner Dark Knight, and let the T-Rex's roar echo through the darkened streets of Gotham City!